Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You're Sew Nice

Hi y'all!  :-)

I am getting ready to mail off the sewing machine cover that I made for my Sewn Spaces swap on Flickr.  Some folks have made some pretty awesome covers.  I am pretty sure I've figured out which one is mine, but I will have to wait and see when a package shows up on my doorstep to confirm my suspicions.

I added some goodies to my partner's box, including the Hexagon block I made awhile back.  This was my first real hand quilting project.  Looks decent from the front, but we won't look at how the stitches on the back aren't perfect! haha  (I took this photo at night, so I apologize it is kind of dark.)

I also made a set of "You're Sew Nice" cards (y'all didn't know I can paper craft, too?!).  I thought I'd show you a picture that also has a peek into the "real world" over here .... that is the mess that is my sewing room! :)

In this picture you can also see stacks of fabric, the beginnings of what I think it going to be a great quilt pattern (coming soon!) and other assorted works-in-progress messes. 

I'm off to work on the newsletter ... see ya tomorrow with the Punctuation FQ bundle winner! :-)

Happy Sewing! :-)

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