Sunday, June 5, 2011

Grab a Charm Pack!

Hi y'all!  We're winding down the weekend here.  We celebrated my husband's birthday yesterday and then hung around the pool today.  While we floated around, my mom and I also planned out some great sales and promotions for the summer, so be sure to get signed up for the newsletter!  :-)

I've been dreaming of how to use my Flurry charm pack and finally came up with a plan!  :-)  I love the bright colors and modern prints despite the fact that I decorate for Christmas in burgundy and gold!  This weekend I sketched out a plan for, count 'em, TWO wall hangings (or table toppers/runners) from one charm pack plus a bit of yardage.

I got to sorting tonight and took some photos of my process for the block design and I'll be sharing the tutorial tomorrow.  I have a series of posts planned for the week so by this time next week, you'll have all the directions you need to create this project.  If you'd be interested in a kit, please let us know in the comments and I'll add one to the shop!

See ya tomorrow!

Happy Sewing!  :)

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