Friday, April 13, 2012

Sewing Seams on ...

Happy Friday friends!  :)

About a year ago there was a craze in blogland ... did you join in?  There was a whole lot of Farmer's Wife blocks being stitched up and I bought the book.  I tried a few blocks.  I botched one of them.  (Whoops.)  I joined the Flickr group and gawked at everyone's pretty blocks.  But its been awhile and I'm ready to give it another go.  So, I thought I'd start a little feature on the blog ...

Welcome to Farmer's Wife Friday!  My plan is to stitch up two blocks a month and post my blocks on the second and fourth Fridays of each month.  Once I have enough I will put together a wall hanging or a pillow or something.  :-)  Really, I just want to master the paper piecing and try out some different blocks.  If anyone wants to jump in, I'd love to hear from you ... I can make it a linky post for show and tell if you'd like.

Anyone made a bunch of FW blocks?  Have any tips?  I'd love to see them/hear about them.

So this weekend I am definitely getting in my sewing room and giving my machine a work out ... as soon as I pick out my first FW block!  ;-)

Happy Sewing! :-)


  1. Having done a Dear Jane and Nearly Insane - the Farmers Wife is just another take on the same blocks. I do love to paper piece, but will pass on this one. I do look forward to your progress though.

  2. Awesome Chrissy! This will be fun to follow along with. Good luck!

  3. I did buy the book just recently. Have sewn Block one..that's it so far! Will look forward to seeing how you get along!

  4. Have fun.I will look forward your progress.
    I began my blue Dear Jane last year and still on in.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I look forward to seeing your work progress

  6. I have all the blocks cut out in one color way, and about half cut out in another color way. I have sewn about 45 blocks total, and find them easy to put together. I signed up for Marti Michell email, as she has a way to use her acrylic templates to make the cutting and peicing go so much smoother. You can see several of my completed blocks on my blog and all my posts about them by The label Farmer's Wife.


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