Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Design Challenge: June's Featured Blogger

It's time for the next installment of our Design Challenge!  This is the second month of our Design Challenge Series, in which we ask a blogger to come up with a tutorial using 6 FQs.  Check out the previous posts here

For June, we invited Amy of Stitchery Dickory Dock to play along ... here's her interview. :-)

Amy, tell us a little about yourself.

Hello friends!  My name is Amy Gibson, I'm from Denver, Colorado, and I blog over at Stitchery Dickory Dock.  I'm so excited to be featured on Sew Lux this week, and can't wait to share my tutorial with you!  I've been quilting and sewing for about 25 years- since early childhood really.  When I look back on those moderately frustrating sewing lessons from my mother and grandmother...("another rat's nest and I'm throwing this thing out the window!"), I can hardly believe the path I've taken since then, and how deeply those skills and memories were embedded in me.  So so grateful to have learned at such a young age, and thrilled that I've found such an amazing modern sewing community online, and in my local area, who love sewing just as much as I do!  

Right now, in addition to surviving a sweltering hot summer with 2 little girls in tow, and preparing for the arrival of our twin boys this Fall, I'm teaching quilting classes at Fancy Tiger Crafts here in Denver, as well as teaching and hosting the Block of the Month year-long sampler series over at Craftsy.com.  Never a dull moment, that's for sure!

What is your most favorite quilt block of all time?  

SUCH a hard question!  Tough to even narrow it down.  I adore stars.  Adore a classic dresden.  I'm a sucker for traditional blocks (or blocks with traditional roots) made fresh and modern.

Dresden Pillow.  Project & photo by Amy Gibson. Blogged here.
Amy also has a great "Dresden Decoded" tutorial here.

What is on your "quilt bucket list?"  

Some version of double wedding ring, for sure.  Perhaps Denise Schmidt's Single Girl quilt- love her take on it.

What is your favorite sewing tool or notion? 

A super sharp, brand new rotary blade, and square rulers- in every size.  I can't tell you how much easier it makes life to have just the right size on hand for every project!

What is your favorite sewing supply/room organizational tip?  

IKEA.  Seriously, ha.  No, I love being organized.  My favorite element of my sewing room is my counter-height cutting & ironing table.  Moving up from a plain old ironing board to that- changed my life :)  I blogged about making mine here.

Amy recently changed up her sewing space.  Read more about it here.  Photo by Amy Gibson.

What kind of machine do you use? 

Husquvarna Viking Mega Quilter

What was your first quilting project?  

Hmmm...first?  I'm thinking my first ever my first quilt was probably a log cabin in sky blue & florals.  

Where do you find inspiration for your sewing/quilting projects?  

Everywhere...blogs, Pinterest, advertisements, shops...there's color and geometry everywhere you look so I'm in a constant state of keeping my eyes peeled.

One of Amy's recent quilts and patterns!  Photo by Amy Gibson. 

What is your favorite color combination?  

Again, that's tough, since one of my loves is trying out new color combos.  I've always loved red with robin's egg blue, and grey with orange or yellow.  I also love rainbow quilts.

Thanks so much for joining us this month, Amy!  Amy chose six great prints for her Design Challenge bundle and we can't wait to see what she's made!

Stop by on Friday for her Design Challenge tutorial.

Happy Sewing! :-)


  1. Congratulations to Amy! Lovely interview- can't wait to see the tutorial!

  2. Oh, nice! I just joined Amy's blog...great interview and nice selections. Can't wait to see what she makes!


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