Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday : FSU Quilt Progress

Happy Wednesday!  I am sooooo enjoying my first day of freedom ... I mean, summer vacation.  :-)  Haven't  gotten any sewing in yet today, but I did get some done last night and will hopefully be basting and quilting tomorrow. Over the weekend, here's where I was on the FSU quilt ...

It certainly isn't the most complex pattern/design I've ever used (or even the best quality fabric), but its exactly what the mister wants.

All the rows are now together and I'm working up the nerve to get this quilted on my little Bernina tomorrow.  All 63 x 72 inches of it.  :-)  After I crawl around on the floor to pin it all.  And move my machine to the dining room table for the event.

What's your favorite quilting-a-big-quilt-on-a-little-machine tip?

I also got into my paper crafting stash last night and whipped up a little set of cards for a friend and thought I'd share here ...

... since y'all are so berry sweet, too! :-)

Happy Sewing!  :-)


  1. Wow! That card is're multi-talented! Good luck machine tip would be to ask a friend to do it! Giggle...go girl!

  2. Hi!
    Just take it one section at a time! I agree, I use the dining room table to hold the bulk.
    I have a pair of gloves with little grip dots on it, these really help too.
    I just usually do a free motion squiggle all over, I might keep the borders different, but just back and forth in each section, but start at the centre, slowly work toward a corner, but be sure to leave yourself a way to stitch away from the corner to you don't get stuck!
    Put on some relaxing music, or the TV, relax, it will take a few hours and about 3 bobbin fulls!
    I always forget to do this ahead of time1
    Take care, Leslie


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