Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bloc Loc = Block Love

Hey y'all!

This past weekend, we went to explore the Sewing Expo in Raleigh and we found a great new ruler!  Like, really great.

I had heard about the Bloc Loc before in blogland and I thought it sounded neat, but when I saw the demo I was sold.  So sold, we bought some for the shop before we left the convention center!  :-)

Of course, I felt obligated to do some research for you.  And I was thrilled when my pinwheel block came out perfectly.

(Excuse my dark instagram photo.  :-)

We picked up the 6.5" ruler for the store because you can do so many sizes with that one.  If you're making 12.5-inch bee blocks, you can accurately trim four 6.5" blocks or nine 4.5" blocks, or sixteen 3.5" blocks, etc.  You can even trim down to 0.5" blocks (if you're feeling really adventurous in your piecing).

To use it, you just make your HST however you normally do and press to one side (usually the darker print/fabric).  Then place the ruler on top of the HST.

Slide the ruler to line up the groove with the seam.   (Don't put it directly on the seam to begin with ... put the logo on the white/light side and then move the ruler toward the seam.)

And then you can slide the ruler up and down the seam to trim the sides.

The ruler just rides the seam and stays put.  It's super easy.  And so accurate.

This will definitely change my thoughts on making things with HST.  I really hate the trimming process and when there are lots and lots of pieces (like in a Swoon block or zig zags), it just gets tedious.  This ruler definitely makes that process easier, and more importantly, more accurate.

See y'all tomorrow for a tutorial ... can't wait to show you what I whipped up on Sunday!

Happy Sewing!  :-)


  1. I love it! I can totally understand how well this would work!

  2. Looks like you have a perfect block! Great little tool!

  3. That looks really handy! Do you think it would work for those of us who press seams open?

  4. I just finished making a bunch of pinwheels - this would be so handy!! I need one!!!

  5. I just finished a zillion (well, OK, maybe it only seemed like a zillion) HST and Hourglass blocks ~ I believe this could have made my life a bit easier. I can't wait to order one!


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