Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Preppy Giant Sparkle Punch Quilt

Hey!  Now that its February, I thought I'd get around to sharing a quilt I finished in 2013 ...

Back in December, I was crazy enough to try and finish 4 quilts in the two weeks leading up to Christmas. One of them was a quilt for my husband's niece, who is a Lily Pulitzer-loving college kid.  She made the Dean's List so I figured she was worthy of a quilt for Christmas. ;-)  And it was what she requested when I asked at Thanksgiving if she'd like me to make her something.  Who am I to say no?

I finally decided on a pattern and since it was like a week before Christmas I knew it needed to be big blocks to make this happen in time.  So a Giant Sparkle Punch it was.  I used the tutorial from Elizabeth Hartman here and made all my blocks 6" finished.  (Each star is roughly 18 inches.)

On a mission to quilt this from my stash, I started with a few Lily Pulitzer scraps I had tucked away.  And then went from there with pink and yellow being deemed a requested color scheme.

I am pretty proud to say that (1) this was an all-stash quilt and (2) I actually really did give it to her!  It's so my jam with the pinks and greens in this one.  It was one of the reasons I quilted her monogram in a star point (see above photo in the bottom point of the star) .... so I could force myself to gift it.  ;-)

I am pretty proud of getting the pieced back on straight too.  Of course, being on a tight deadline barely left me any sunlight to take decent photos.  (Geez, my quilts sure look tiny when my giant 6'4" hubs holds them up!)

I also "signed" a few quilts this past Christmas in my quilting by quilting a heart, my initials and the year.  :-)

I am so glad it was well-received.  Had it not, it would have come right back to my house!

Happy Sewing! :-)


  1. Looks great! I love the 18 in finished block and "signing" your quilt with quilting!

  2. This is really really pretty! The beautiful spring colors just brightened up my day!

  3. It's beautiful and I absolutely love the giant stars! Great job.

  4. lovely -- I bet it was difficul to part with.

  5. I love that quilt, and the colors you chose were perfect!

    1. I looked at her quilt directions, did you make your stars bigger, because I like the big stars and think I might want to make one like yours.


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