Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekend Sewing : Lollies & Behind the Scenes

Hey there! 

So I finally found my way back to my sewing machine this weekend.  To be fair, I did sew like crazy last weekend, but it was all pre-market sewing with my friend Lee from May Chappell.  Secret sewing can't be shared .... so I will have to settle with sharing this new project.  

I saw an antique quilt on Instagram quite some time ago and I loved the block.  It was actually a signature quilt using the space in the middle (cross) for embroidered signatures.  So sweet!  I've been thinking about making a quilt ever since I first saw it and I finally chose my fabrics! 

Jen Kingwell nailed it with her new Lollies collection.  There are five prints in the collection, but each has eight stripes of different fun dottie prints... which means you get FOURTY prints in our bundle! 

Each stripe is about 5.5" wide, so you can get a 2.5" and a 3" strip of each one ... perfect for a 10" Hearth & Home block! 

The "Hearth & Home" Block is a classic block.  The cutting directions and assembly diagram can be found here. (Note:  I used 3" squares to make the HST blocks and then trimmed them to 2.5" with a Bloc Loc ruler instead of using 2-7/8" squares.  I find I get more accurate points this way.)

I am using eight prints from Jen's Behind the Scenes collection for the backgrounds AND I cut out all 30 of my blocks ... so I better get to chain stitching! :-)

Happy Sewing! :-)


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