Monday, June 6, 2011

Charming Crosses Tutorial - Part 1

Hi and happy Monday!  I'm back today to share the process for what I am calling the Charming Crosses blocks for the wall hangings/table toppers I am making from the Flurry charm pack. Are you ready?

Just to recap, I am making TWO wall hangings/table toppers from 1 charm pack with some yardage added into the mix.  The one will measure approx. 20" x 40" and the other will measure approx. 34" x 34". 

For the square version, you'll need:
  • 24 - 5" squares
  • 1/4 yard white (or other neutral for sashing)
  • 1/3 yard coordinating print for inner border
  • 1/2 yard coordinating print for outer border
  • 1/3 yard for binding
  • 1 yard for backing
For the rectangle version, you'll need:
  • 18 - 5" squares
  • 1/4 yard white (or other neutral for sashing)
  • 1/2 yard coordinating print for border
  • 1/3 yard binding
  • 1/2 yard for backing (we'll piece this a little) - or 1-1/4 yard
Step 1: Sort your charm squares into two groups - one set of 18 for the rectangle version and one set of 24 for the square version.  For this project, I am doing blue/green for the rectangle and red/green for the square. 

Step 2: Sort each collection of charms into sets of 3.  One of the three charms in each group should be a contrasting color/print.  You'll need two sets of 3 charms to make one finished block.

Step 3:  Slice 2 charms (the pair, not the contrasting color one) in half.  I do mine with a little bit of wonkiness. :)  Perfection isn't required here!

Cut the contrasting color charm into 4 strips - again you can eyeball these or measure perfection here.

Step 4: Stitch a contrasting strip to one half of a charm.  Then add the other half of the charm.  You'll end up with a striped block.  Press seams - I pressed mine away from the center strip.

Then cut that block in half again, this time in the opposite direction, as shown.  Again, I did mine with a little bit of wonkiness. 

Step 5: Repeat step 4 to add a new stripe and join the halves back together. Press toward the newest center strip.  (See below.)

Step 6: Trim your finished block to 4-1/2" square.

Step 7:  Make the rest of the blocks from your two sets of 3 charms (see step 2). You should have 4 blocks like this.

Step 8: Join your blocks together. First join the two in the top row and then join the two in the bottom row.  Then join the rows to make a 2x2 block.

Step 9: Press and admire your work! :)

That's it!  Very easy and quicker than you think, I promise!

For the rectangle verison, you'll need 3 finished 2x2 blocks (measuring 8-1/2" square).  For the square version, you'll need 4 finished 2x2 blocks.

On Wednesday, I will show you how we'll assemble this all together to make the top.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please let me know here in the comments or on the Sew Lux Flickr group page.

Happy Sewing!

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