Sunday, February 24, 2013

FQ Frenzy : Oscar Edition

It's the Oscars tonight!  Beautiful dresses, tailored tuxedos and red carpets.  
We decided to have a little fun with this week's FQ Frenzy bundles.  

Introducing ... 

the Tuxedo Bundle - black and white stunners and solids - perfect for dinners at Downton!  ;-) 

And the Red Carpet Bundle - 10 red and white prints and solids.
These bundles will surely be the perfect accessory to your stash!

Bundles available at special pricing while supplies last!

Happy Sewing! :-)

Granny's Closet

Hi friends!  Hope you are having a great weekend.  It was rainy here and the mister said something about earning double points in his video game this weekend ... all that added up to just more sewing time for me!  :-)

Despite having about a dozen projects I should've been working on, I ended up making 9 granny's square blocks and another Scrappy Trip Along block!  I blame the sudden desire to make little granny's entirely on Clara!

For my grannies, I used some 2.5" inch squares that I cut from the Millie's Closet panel.  The panel squares are 6" so it was easy to trim them down and get lots of different prints from a fairly small piece of fabric.

It's pretty basic for these smaller granny squares (just one ring around the middle, instead of 2 rings).  I started with a basic 9 patch.

Then I added half square triangles (cut from 3" squares) to the sides.  I like to use a larger square for the triangles so I have a little more room for trimming them down.

Then trimmed them down (0.25" from the points).

My blocks finished at 6.25" square. It's too dark to take pictures of all of them now, but I did even get the rows sashed together!

That's all for now.  What have you been making this weekend?

Happy Sewing!  :-)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Cat in the Window

Happy Friday!

Just sharing a little house block I made for a charity quilt that a bunch of us who are headed to Sew South are making.

I had a little fun adding the cat in the window.  After I finished it, I thought about a cupcake - that would be cute too .. .maybe a little row of cupcake bakeries?!  I need more hours in the day.  :-)

Happy Friday, y'all!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Scrappy Trip

So I totally jumped off the Scrappy Trip Along cliff along with about everyone else out there!

The other night I decided to just cut into the Kaffe jelly roll I had sitting on the shelf.  It's the only jelly roll I had (kind of shocking ... maybe I shouldn't have recently sold my Full Moon Forest jelly roll ...) And truthfully, I was too lazy to cut new strips so a jelly roll it was. :-)

It's going to be super bright and bold.  But I think its going to be pretty amazing too.  I could only squeeze 12 blocks from the 30-strip roll, so I ordered a few extra FQs so I could hopefully squeeze out three or four more blocks.  I have one block finished and all the strips set into groups.  Hope to make a few more this weekend, but need to finish some bee blocks and a few other things first.

Happy Sewing! :-)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

FQ Frenzy : Country Living

Ever since I got the current edition of Country Living in the mail, I've been obsessed with the cover image.  I love the colors, the oversized Home Sweet Home sampler ... pretty much all of it!  So much so, that I used it as inspiration for this week's FQ Frenzy Bundle ...

What do you think?

Bundles are now available while supplies last.

AND ... all layer cakes and jelly rolls are 10% off through Wednesday, 2/20/13.

Happy Sewing!  :-)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sparkle Bee Blocks

We're sitting around watching college basketball at the Sew Lux house tonight.  Are you a college basketball fan?  The "big game" (UNC vs Duke) will be on shortly ... as an NCSU grad, I wish they could both lose!

Anyway, I wanted to share some bee blocks that I recently completed.  These "sparkle" blocks were made using this tutorial from Canoe Ridge Creations.  We were asked to make the centers scrappy and I think that is going to make this charity quilt really fun.

I used some scraps from Good Fortune, Ruby, and Essential Dots for this block.  Bella Solids White and Turquoise for the HST and corner blocks.

And I think this is my favorite of the two - the bold colors are awesome together.  My Good Morning honeycomb bundle has come in soooo handy for my last few rounds of bee blocks.

Have any of you made this block before?  It was pretty easy, but does require a lot of trimming with all those HST.  (Trimming them is my least favorite part of anything with HST!)

Hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's been too long! (and sale info)

Hey y'all!  It's been too long since I popped in here.  I'm terribly sorry.  Sometimes life just jumps in the way of things.  I was thinking the other day about those commercials for acid reflux medications where food "fights back" and slaps the eater in the face or whatever.  I feel like that's what life has done in the face of my normal schedule for the past two-and-a-half weeks. HA!  Thankfully, things are working themselves out and we're getting back to regularly scheduled programming around here.

I did manage to get to my sewing machine this past weekend after two whole weeks.  Lots of HSTs and I ended up with two bee blocks that I will share later this week.  :-)

I am also finalizing a few things that I am looking forward to sharing soon, including an awesome blog hop in March.  :-)

And despite my lack of sewing, things have been busy for the shop ...

I picked another beautiful FQ Frenzy bundle for this week featuring Bonnie & Camille prints.  It's called "Strawberries & Cream."

The photo is a little dark (sorry!) - bundles are available in limited stock here.

I added bolts and precuts to the shop ....

My favorite print from Field Notes by Blackbird Designs.

My favorite print from Indigo Crossing by Minick & Simpson.  I think this print would make beautiful pillows.

And these scratch prints from Summersville Spring are to die for.  I can't decide which of the five colors of this one I like best.

And then there's my new favorite .... Spring House by Stephanie Ryan precuts are here.  I think they are so preppy and Lily-like and the colors are beautiful!  I almost chopped into these this weekend, but ran out-of-time.  And I love the line so much, we ordered the entire collection of yardage due in March.  Just sayin'.

Oh yeah, and 2wenty Thr3e from Eric & Julie Comstock precuts are also here.

And a sweet sale is going on now .... details here.  (Ends Friday, 2/15/13)

Whew ... lots of updating the website going on.  And have you seen Jenelle's new Stitch Along?  We're thrilled to offer kits for these beautiful pillows. :-)

That's it for now.  See y'all tomorrow, I promise!

Happy Sewing!  :-)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

FQ Frenzy : Turqs & Tangos

Hey y'all!  Are you watching the Super Bowl?  I thought I'd take a minute while the power was out in the Dome to post this week's FQ Frenzy bundle.  I am really excited about how this one turned out.

Meet Turqs & Tangos ...

It's heavy on the Denyse Schmidt - Flea Market Fancy and Chicopee with some light grays thrown in.  We've run out of one of the Chicopee prints, so once these bundles are gone they're all gone.

Turqs & Tangos is available here while supplies last.

Downton's on ... see y'all later!

Happy Sewing! :-)

Friday, February 1, 2013

February Bundles

Hey y'all!  I am so sorry I left you hanging all week.  My Monday afternoon led to a week off of work with my mister at the hospital.  Thankfully, we're home now and on the mend.  :-)

Let's get on to something more fun ... like fabric goodness!  It's February already and that means a new Moda FQ Club bundle ...

This month, we're featuring Honey, Honey by Kate Spain.  Love, love this collection.

And then there are new Curated Collections ...

Check them all out here - Curated Collections are on sale through the 10th of the month. :-)  There are some great stash builders this month!

And we'll see you Monday with an all new FQ Frenzy Bundle - the Farm Fresh is already gone!

Happy Sewing! :-)