Thursday, February 21, 2013

Scrappy Trip

So I totally jumped off the Scrappy Trip Along cliff along with about everyone else out there!

The other night I decided to just cut into the Kaffe jelly roll I had sitting on the shelf.  It's the only jelly roll I had (kind of shocking ... maybe I shouldn't have recently sold my Full Moon Forest jelly roll ...) And truthfully, I was too lazy to cut new strips so a jelly roll it was. :-)

It's going to be super bright and bold.  But I think its going to be pretty amazing too.  I could only squeeze 12 blocks from the 30-strip roll, so I ordered a few extra FQs so I could hopefully squeeze out three or four more blocks.  I have one block finished and all the strips set into groups.  Hope to make a few more this weekend, but need to finish some bee blocks and a few other things first.

Happy Sewing! :-)

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  1. Chrissy, I think your quilt is going to be stunning! Have fun!


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