Thursday, June 23, 2011

Easy Does It

Hi!  I've been easing into the room clean up over here!  :-)  Here's a sneak at one corner.  We won't look behind the camera just yet ...

I did move some furniture around and got *some* of my fabric organized.  (Um, that's only about half of my stash ... scary!)  Once I am really done (and by done, I mean it is in a state that is "as good as it is going to get"), I will take some photos and give you a tour.

I did get distracted and started a quilt last night.  And then I saw the new Swatch Book pattern from Keyka Lou today and whipped one up immediately!

It's a super easy pattern and I was done from purchase to print to press in about an hour. :-)  I did adjust the measurements a little to accommodate a little notebook I had on hand since I don't have any moleskins yet.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Great job on organizing your fabrics! I'll be anxious to have the tour and hear how you got all of those fabrics stacked upright like that!


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