Saturday, October 8, 2011

3 Little Pumpkins

Hi everyone!  Last night I put together a little mini quilt with some cutie patootie pumpkin blocks.  I took photos and everything as I went along ... except all of the photos from the actual block construction somehow got lost between the camera and my computer.  Arghh!

Here's a little sneek at what I've been working on ....

So ... I will have to hold off a little on the tutorial for the block I used for this project.  I will be at a ball game most of today but I will get you some instructions and photos on Sunday.  :-)   So, hunt down some black and orange prints ... or pick up some Essential Dots in Jet Black and Orange or some Terrain Lichen Bloom. See ya tomorrow!

Happy Sewing! :-) 


  1. I love pumpkins! I notice Terrain there...and I have some of that orange too! =)

    Can't wait for the tutorial...have fun at your game.

  2. Perfect timing for a pumpkinny tute. I was hoping to make a Halloween table topper this weekend, but will wait till next week after your tute is out. Can't wait!


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