Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winner Day!

Hi everyone!  Today I'm sharing the winner of the October Stitch & Share Challenge.  I consulted random.org to help me select a winner.  And the winner is ....
Lindsay from PA Country Crafts!  Congrats Lindsay!  :-)  I love the leaf pillow you made ... it  is so pretty.  Stop by and visit her blog to check it out!  Lindsay, I will be emailing you with a $20 gift certificate code to sewluxfabric.com!

Thanks to all who stitched and shared along with us in October!  I will be posting the November challenge shortly... I hope you'll join us!

Happy Sewing! :-)


  1. I am so happy that Lindsay won!!!! She deserves a special treat...maybe, just maybe she will shop for herself?!?!?! I vote buy yourself some beautiful fabric and make a bag or a skirt or something! =) Congrats!

    Thanks again Chrissy for such lovely giveaways! I'm excited about the November challenge...I decided I do want to make stockings for my family!!!

  2. yaaay! thank you sooooo much!!!

    what? make something for myself? are you allowed to do that? haha!

    hope i can do november's challenge, too. i have wanted to do stocking for a few years now- i even got fabric for my son's a year or 2 ago...


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