Friday, March 9, 2012

FMF Update

Hi!  If you are involved in the online sewing community, you know that FMF is starting to ship!  We have taken a lot of reservations for this beautiful line and I spoke with the company yesterday and they confirmed that we will be in the second wave of shipments slated for closer to the end of March.  If you ordered a reservation, I have sent you an email update.  :)

We also went ahead and ordered a second set of bolts from this collection and as a result, we are allowing a limited number of additional reservations at this time.  Please be aware that bundles from new reservations may not ship until we get our second set of bolts, but we will keep you informed. Additionally, we are not reserving all of the stock so that we can offer yardage of individual prints.  Please make sure you either follow the blog and/or get our newsletter because as soon as yardage is available I will send out an update.

Happy Sewing ... or should I say happy pining for FMF?!  :-)

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  1. Wow...must be special stuff! =) Glad yo u have lots of interest in it!


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