Saturday, March 10, 2012

This Way or That?

Hi and happy weekend!  I finally got to my sewing machine last night and whipped up some blocks for the Modern Solids Swap Round 2.  My secret swap partner had this prism quilt in two different mosaics and so I figured the design would be a safe bet.  I drafted a smaller block (5" finished) in Publisher and then semi-paper pieced 24 blocks last night for a wallhanging.
vertical orientation

Now ... I need your help!  This wallhanging will be 20 x 30 and I don't know if I should orient it vertical or horizontal.  I am thinking horizontal and the mister agreed.  But I thought I'd ask y'all too.

horizontal orientation

I am thinking the horizontal might be better to hang over a table in an entry or behind a chair or something like that.  Let me know what you think ... I will piece it together tonight!  :-)

Happy Sewing! :-)


  1. LOL, (Not going to be a real vote) *I* would do it vertical, because the available wall space in my home is all tall and skinny...however, if it is going in you home, well, you have your answer. Both of you like it better horizontal! For the record, if wall space were "no object" I would probably go horizontal too...How was that for a non answer?

  2. I have another non- answer. At first I thought vertical. Then I thought horizontal. Then I thought it depends on the space. It could certainly work either way! Love it!

  3. When I first saw it, I thought Vertical...I don't know. It's lovely though. =)


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