Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Hey y'all!  I thought I'd stop in and share a WIP report with you tonight.  (As if I needed any new WIPs! LOL)

Anyway ... this weekend I started working on 3 curtain panels for a friend of mine ... they're big.  As in like 60" x 90".

And a geometric and directional print just makes this more fun, right?

Good thing I had a FriXion pen to keep my cutting lines straight.  :-)

I am also getting ready to cut into this stack to make some Easter baskets for a coworker's little boys.  I will keep you posted on that project.

Of course, there are many other projects I am juggling!  Including another 60 x 90 project ... all I will say is that means a LOT of hand stitching on the binding!

What are you working on?

Happy Sewing! :-)


  1. Love your fabrics for ther Easter baskets and that curtain looks fabulous!!.Happy sewing

    I`m working on many projects.
    Have a look here:

  2. The curtains are gorgeous!


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