Sunday, July 29, 2012

Design Challenge: July's Featured Blogger

It's time for the next installment of our Design Challenge!  This is the second month of ourDesign Challenge Series, in which we ask a blogger to come up with a tutorial using 6 FQs.  Check out the previous posts here

This month, we're welcoming our friend Jennie from Clover & Violet!  She was kind enough to answer a few questions for us... 

Hi!  I'm Jennie, and I blog with my mom over at Clover & Violet.  I'm supposed to tell you a little bit about myself, so here goes...I grew up in Washington State, but currently find myself living in California via New York and Virginia {thanks to the US Army!}.  I've been sewing since I was a little girl, and quilting and sewing seriously for about the last five years.  I'm so fortunate that my mom taught me to sew, and now we are business partners doing one of our favorite things together.

When I was young my mom sewed many of mine and my sister's clothes and things like bedspreads, curtains, and pillow covers.  That handmade home is something I want my own children to remember as part of their childhood too.  Not to mention, sewing stuff for kids is just too much fun!

What's your most favorite quilt block of all time?
I think star blocks are my favorite, all different kinds.  Though, lately I seem to be making everything in some or another version of a log cabin, so maybe that's a close second.

Photo courtesy of Clover & Violet.

What is on your quilt bucket list?
To make bed quilts for all the beds in my home.  Especially some kind of sampler quilt for my bed out of the massive amount of Simple Abundance that I've been hoarding.

What is your favorite sewing tool or notion?
A variety of disappearing markers.  Not only are they fabulous for embroidery, but they're great for matching things up, setting snaps, sewing buttons, quilting lines, and more!

What was your first quilt project?
A quilt for my college dorm room, you can see it here.

Where do you find inspiration for your quilting/sewing projects?
I find a lot of inspiration in the fabric itself.  If it is something I love, I need to figure out a clever way to use it so I can have it in my home or on my person.  I also love reading blogs, looking at craft books, and things like the Pottery Barn Catalog.

What is your favorite color combination?
Currently, pink and aqua!
Photo courtesy of Clover & Violet.

What is your favorite sewing supply/room organizational tip?
Well, just to find a method of organization that works for you, and then try to keep things put away.  I am always the least productive when I cannot find anything in the piles of fabric that often take over my sewing tables (constantly trying to keep things away from a toddler and a baby doesn't help either!).

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Jennie!  We're looking forward to seeing what you'll do with this fun bundle of prints ...
Photo courtesy of Clover & Violet.

Stop by again tomorrow for Jennie's tutorial - she has something wonderful to share with you! 

Happy Sewing!  :-) 


  1. Love her! Jennie is a great inspiration to me!!

  2. I love everything that Jennie and her mom create! I follow their blog faithfully and am participating in their Garden States Quiltalong where we embroider the centre of the courthouse steps blocks, with thanks to their designs which are wonderful. I've also enjoyed their embroidery tutorials...they are the best! Looking forward to the tutorial!

  3. Looking forward to tomorrow's tutorial by Jennie!!

  4. Can´t wait to see Jennie`s project.I follow her Garden Steps quilt along and enjoy her tutorial.

  5. thanks for sharing.


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