Sunday, July 22, 2012

Progress and Plans

Hey y'all!  So, I got some great sewing time in yesterday and managed to make some serious headway on my Modernista Homemade swap projects.  Hallelujah!

My partner asked for either a pin cushion with a removable trash bucket or a sewing machine cover.  Well, I couldn't decide between the two ... and her tastes are so specific for this project I really wanted her to have a matching set.  So I am making both.

Got the cover pieced.  Loving it with some Quilters Linen, which isn't real linen.  Surprising it looks really nice with all the gray even though its more brownish.

I am using this project to get some practice with hand quilting.  Tiger Tape is my new best friend since its helping me stitch straight and with consistent stitch length.  (Edited to Add:  We'll have this Tiger Tape in the shop later this week! :-)

Still have a few more rows to do.  :-)   I did get the pin cushion set all done - just have to stuff and stitch the cushion part closed.  I'll share that later on after I've taken some photos of it.

I also reluctantly dragged myself go to the big box sewing store today for some buttons and cording to finish up the machine cover project this week.  I will keep you posted on it.  I am sure I will wish I didn't have to mail it off.

I also worked on some plans for this week.  We're having "Christmas in July" this week!  If you get our newsletter, you'll get all the details tomorrow morning.  Or stop by here for what we've got going on this week!

Happy Sewing!  :-)


  1. Your partner will be so lucky! Those fabrics are totally not my style, but I am coveting that cover anyway! I'll have to look into getting Tiger Tape - I'm new to hand quilting and that looks helpful.

    I have a trip to the big box store in my future too, but have been avoiding it for as long as possible.

  2. Ooh, that Tiger Tape looks interesting. Does it curve? My first hand quilting will be on a Drunkard's Path, and my stitching consistency is poor...

  3. Oh, that's going to be absolutely lovely. I wish I was your partner. =)

    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing more.


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