Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Picture Post: Olympic Rings Mug Rug

Hi there.  I am back tonight with pictures from my Olympic Mug Rug project that I briefly shared the other day.  My secret swap partner in the swap mentioned that she enjoyed the Olympics and I thought the rings would be perfect for commemorating the summer of 2012 with "summer" themed challenge this round. 

I started by tracing some rings onto interfacing.  Then ironing them to different prints, cutting them out and fray checking the edges. 

I laid out the rings using a picture from the Internet as a guide for how they connected.  I cut each ring in one place and tucked them under and over each other, hiding the cut ends under the adjoining ring.  I used a little bit of Stitch Witchery to tack the rings in place. 

Next, I used matching thread and a short (and narrow) zig zag stitch to applique the pieces in place.

Add some borders ... I used a linen-look fabric.  

Quilt and bind as you like. I kept it simple.  :-) 

I even made a little label for the back.  (Forgot to take a photo of the back.)

There it is ... hope you enjoyed my process picture post.  

Happy Sewing!  :-)


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