Thursday, November 29, 2012

Swooning over Solids

Happy Thursday, y'all!

We just added 9 new Bella Solids to the shop shelves - most of which coordinate with either Cuzco or Simply Color.

These coordinates to Cuzco are so gorgeous.  Kate Spain really knows how to pick some colors, doesn't she?!

What color solids do you use most?  Do you stash solids in bundles or as you need them?  Do you like colorway bundles or rainbow bundles?  For those of you who shop online, how can we make it easier for you to color match solids?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I have a few more collections of bolts and some fun new notions to add as well, but I will share more about those soon.  :-)

I also hope to get some real sewing done in the next few days ... I have a few bee deadlines and let's not forget that Christmas is just around the corner!
(For those of you who are new around here wondering where all the sewing projects are, you should know I am a full-time teacher as well as a shop owner.  And this semester is kicking my you-know-what with a new curriculum to plan for.  :-/  Only a few more weeks in the semester and I should get a lot more of my evenings back - and I can hardly wait!) 

Don't forget to vote for the Guest Curator Contest bundle.  I am so excited about the bundles our regular curators have picked for December too. ;-)

Happy Sewing! :-)


  1. I think I've used a lot of white in the past...but those colors are GORGEOUS! Especially that orange.

    I do have trouble trying to find matching solids. Maybe you could sell an inexpensive swatch of the solids you carry...1" squares on a card or something? I know it's probably a lot of work...send the supplies here and my children and I could do it for you. =) LOL...I'll make it an art project for Homeschool.

    Okay, have a great day Chrissy!

  2. Not that I've really bought many solids except for random homespun for odds and ends, but I would defintely be more likely to by coordinating solids for the lines I have so I know they match!

  3. I usually buy solids by the project; although with whites, creams, and greys I tend to keep yardage on hand. I really like it when I can see which solids coordinate with which collections since sometimes it's hard to tell true colors online.


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