Monday, April 1, 2013

Charm Madness : Table Runner

Happy Monday, everyone!  Despite all the April Fools jokes today, this beautiful table runner tutorial for Charm Madness is no joke!

Stop by and visit Alyce to see how to make this beautiful "Simply Helixed" runner.

Simply Color charm packs are still available here.


  1. Love that's beautiful!

  2. Alyce's table runner is lovely!

    I've noticed that three of last week's participants haven't bothered posting their Charm Mad post... how will this work out for the big question of how many charms total were used? I wanted to make sure you knew they didn't put their posts up so you didn't include their charms in the total!

  3. Isn't this one a beauty! And great instructions as well!

  4. I printed this out and am going to make it for my neighbor as she wants a mug rug type for a side table for the coffee cups. should work ok...I hope, wish me luck as she latched onto some charms squares I had ordered, it should work out ok! I am such a pushover!


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