Thursday, August 8, 2013

Holiday Hustle QAL : Sashing & Borders

Happy Thursday!

It's time for another installment in the Holiday Hustle QAL.  Last week, I shared directions for piecing the blocks using just one charm pack.  Today, we'll add sashing and borders. Ready?

Step 1: Gather your yardage and start cutting. 

You'll need  1 yard for the outer border, 3/4 yard of solid for sashing, 1/2 yard for the inner border, and 1/2 yard for the binding.  If you ordered a kit from us, you've got everything you need!

From the solid, cut NINE 2.5" x WOF strips.

Set aside six strips and from the remaining 3 strips, cut NINE 2.5" x 10" strips.

Next, cut FOUR 3" x WOF strips for the inner border.

Then, cut FIVE 6.5" x WOF strips for the outer border.

And while we're cutting, let's go ahead and cut the binding strips for next week.  You need SIX 2.5" x WOF strips.  (Note:  I use 2.5" strips, some folks like to use a 2.25" strip - do what you like!)

Step 2: Sash the block sets

Last week, we made blocks and sorted them into three sets - column A, column B, and column C.  We need to sash between each block in each column.

You'll add a 2.5" x 10" strip between A-1 & A-2, between A-2 & A-3 and between A-3 & A-4.  Repeating the process for column B and column C.  Press toward blocks (away from sashing).  You are NOT adding sashing strips above block 1 or below block 4 in each set.

As you are pinning and sewing sashing, make sure to line up the middle seams in each block to keep your columns straight.  (This will also help with trimming later.)

Step 3: Trim the column strips

After pressing your blocks and sashing, you will have three longer pieced strips.

Use a ruler to trim the long edges of the pieced strips.  You'll trim 4-3/4" away from the center seam in the blocks.

Step 4: Sash the strips together

Ok, next you'll grab the remaining solid WOF sashing strips and start sewing everything together.

Add a WOF strip on both sides of column B. Stitching the length of both sides.  Press toward blocks.

And a WOF strip on the LEFT side of column A and on the RIGHT side of column C.  Stitch the length of both columns.  Press toward blocks.

Then, you'll join the the columns together and then add a WOF strip along the top and bottom of the joined columns.  Press toward blocks.  (Refer to diagram.)

Step 5: Add the borders

Add an inner border (3" x WOF) strip on the LONG sides first.  Then add the top and bottom.  (This is so we don't have to piece your inner border strips.)  Press toward border.

Then, add an outer border (6.5" x WOF) strip on the TOP and BOTTOM first.  If your border fabric is directional, make sure you add them all on in the same way.  :-)

For the sides, we'll need to piece these borders to make them long enough.

Cut one of the WOF strips in half.

Sew one half to each of the two remaining WOF strips.  Trim off the selvage.  And if your prints are directional, make sure you sew them so the pattern is right side up on both pieces.

Then stitch the side border strips onto the quilt top.  Press toward the border. (Refer to diagram.)

Step 6:  Admire your work!

We'll meet back next week for quilting and binding!  :-)

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