Monday, August 19, 2013

Introducing : Club Medallion BOM Club

Happy Monday!

I am super thrilled to officially introduce a brand new BOM this morning!  A little background for you ...

At Sew South earlier this year, a group of us decided to work on a Medallion Along where we each made a center and sent it around for borders to be added.  About a week ago, I was working on adding a border to one of the quilts and a light bulb went off ... this would be such a fun quilt to do in a BOM format.  Within minutes, I had a name - Club Medallion Border of the Month - and had texted Sarah who adds borders after me in our Medallion Along to get some quick feedback.

It snowballed from there.  Within 48 hours, I had sketched out the quilt, picked Sarah's brain about it at our guild meeting, worked out measurements, and started selecting fabrics.  And here we are about 10 days later introducing this project.  I am really so excited about this!  And I hope you will be too.  :-)

This BOM series will run for 6 months (October 2013 - March 2014) and will include patterns for a star center as well as five sets of borders.  The finished quilt top will measure 64 in x 64 in - a great lap quilt size to sit under and admire your work!  :-)

This quilt is a little more complicated than our Hop, Skip & Jump BOM.  But if you can sew an accurate 1/4" seam and consider yourself at least a confident beginner, join the fun!  We'll use some strip piecing and other "tricks" to make these borders come together.  While not required, the Bloc Loc rulers will help you trim and piece these borders more accurately.  You can order them here.

Of course, we have kits available in two different styles.  First, the Prepster Edition, is full of all the fabrics and colors I love - pinks, aquas, greens, yellows, black and white prints, dots, etc.

The second option, the Hipster Edition, has a totally different vibe.  In fact, my friend Sarah has curated this kit for you!  She and I have totally different styles and I love how our interpretations were so different!

As you can see, this quilt will look beautiful in so many different colors and styles.  And if you'd prefer to curate your own look for this quilt, you can order just the PDF subscription and make this quilt your own. We will provide a coloring page for PDF subscribers as well as fabric requirements beginning September 10th.

So what do you think?!  Want to sew along with us?  Learn more and see all the details about how the Club Medallion BOM works here.  Of course, feel free to email us with any questions.

Happy Sewing!  :-)


  1. Oh, I am so in! I'm over sampler quilts, but I would love to do a medallion! D I really have to wait almost a month for a coloring page? :)


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