Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tutorial : Boo Crew Mini Quilt

Hey y'all!  I am really excited to share a fast, fun, & festive mini quilt tutorial with you today.

This little mini is about 14 x 17 inches and is perfect for the wall or a table topper.  The best part is you can whip it up really quickly with minimal supplies.  Ready!?

Supplies Needed: 
1 Mini Charm Pack (42 2.5" x 2.5" precut squares)
1 Quarter Yard (9 x WOF) black print (borders & binding)
1 FQ cream print (backing)

Pick up a kit here - available while supplies last.

Step 1: Sort Your Charms
Sort your charm squares by color.

Step 2: Make the Pumpkin
Select 9 of the orange squares and sew into a 9-patch.  (Start by stitching together three rows of three squares and then joining the rows.)

Step 3: Sew the Pumpkin Corners
From the cream fat quarter, cut one 2.5" square from a corner.  (This can be a rough cut - it doesn't have to be exactly 2.5", but close is good. :-)

Cut the cream square and one green square in half diagonally.

Then sew one triangle onto each corner as shown in the photo.  Just eyeball them!  Make sure that once sewn and flipped, the cream or green print will cover the entire corner.  Sew cream on the top corners and green on the bottom corners.

Trim the extra orange off each corner and press the triangles open.  Then trim your block to 6.5" x 6.5".

Step 4: Plan the Rest of the Layout
Lay your pumpkin block down and then arrange green, purple, and low volume printed squares in the arrangement as shown.  (Low volume at the top, purple in the middle, and green on the bottom.)

Step 5: Piece the Background
Starting with the sides, piece one cream, one purple, and one green together.  Make two sets. Attach these 3-block pieces to the left and right sides of the pumpkin block. 

Then piece the top and bottom rows together into two 5-block strips. And sew to the top and bottom of the pumpkin block.

Then select one more purple print and four black prints for each side.  (Hold one black square for the stem in the next step.)  Sew the strips together and attach to the left and right sides. 

Step 6: Add the Stem
Adhere a small piece of fusible interfacing to the back of a black square.  

Cut a stem shape from the square. (I just cut a wonky square.) Then use a zig zag or blanket stitch to applique the stem to the pumpkin.  (TIP: I like to shorten my zig zag stitch length and tighten the width between stitches on my machine settings when doing machine applique.  I have talked about this here.) 

Step 7: Add the Borders
Next, cut the 9" x WOF black fabric into four strips.  TWO strips 1-3/4" wide and TWO strips 2.5" wide x WOF. (Note: in photo below, these strips are folded up. They are 44" in length.) 

Add a 1-3/4" strip to the top and bottom of the quilt.

Then add a 1-3/4" strip to each side. 

Step 8: Finish the Mini Quilt
Start by layering your top, batting, and backing (the cream FQ).  Pin or baste as desired. 

Quilt as desired.  This is a great time to try out different free motion designs! :-) 

After quilting, press, and trim excess batting and backing from your quilt. 

Join the two 2.5" x WOF black strips together to create the binding.  Press in half lengthwise.  Attach binding to the front and finish on the back by hand or machine.  (Again, more details on binding can be found in this tutorial here.)

Enjoy your new mini quilt!

If you make one of these, I'd love to see it - please link it up in the comments. :)  If you have any questions please comment or send me an email.

Happy Sewing! :-)


  1. Cute little hanging tutorial and I love Boo Crew fabric!

  2. How cute...love that little pumpkin!

  3. So cute! Now I have to get a kit!

  4. SUPER CUTE!!! Now I need a mini charm pack and some yardage.

  5. Thank you for a totally cute pattern!! Love it!


  6. Made one!

  7. Thanks for the excellent tute and kit. Here's the one I made!

  8. I made it! This was my first experience sewing and quilting. So fun! I did swirls for the sky, cheverons for the grass (all handquilted). Thanks for making such a great tutorial. It was a dream to make. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/132011832801059605/


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