Friday, November 22, 2013

Design Challenge : Julie at 627 Handworks

Happy Friday!

It's time for a brand new Design Challenge interview & project.

We asked Julie over at 627 Handworks to come up with a bundle and project for us and I think you're going to love it.  But let's get to know her a little first ...

Julie's Interview: 

What is your most favorite quilt block of all time?

My favorite quilt block is probably the standard sawtooth star. I think it's classic and stands the test of time. Plus, it's so versatile!  You could make a dozen quilts using that basic block and come up with a dozen completing different looking quilts.

What was your first quilting project?

My first quilting project also happens to be my first sewing project!  Summer of 2010 I decided to bite the bullet, buy a sewing machine and learn everything I could about making a quilt.  Honestly, the internet taught me to sew.  The quilt was made using a charm pack with 4" borders in a Christmas theme.  I was instantly hooked and wish I hadn't waited so long to start sewing.
Where do you find inspiration for sewing and quilting projects?

I tend to browse the internet A LOT. Like, it's a problem. Flickr, Pinterest and even Instagram are great resources. I also follow hundreds of amazing blogs.  I don't think you can ever have too much inspiration. I subscribe to a couple of magazines but most of my projects and ideas stem from things I've seen online.

What is your favorite sewing supply/room organizational tip?

Right next to my cutting board I have 4 little baskets that hold different sizes of scraps from 2" square and up.  When I'm cutting my fabrics I can just toss the scraps in the baskets I go. Clean up goes much quicker and when the baskets are full I move the scraps into larger organizational bins.

Thanks so much for sharing a little about yourself, Julie! 

Check out the super cute bundle that Julie curated for us. A quilter after my own heart with the pinks, greens, and low volumes!  :-)

Lovely, no?  Order a bundle here and then hop on over to see Julie's tutorial for this cuteness ...

Every pup should have one of these for Christmas. :-)

Happy Sewing!  :-)


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