Thursday, November 14, 2013

Winter's Lane Patchwork Pillow

Hey there friends!

I promise I haven't forgotten about this blog.  Life outside of Sew Lux has been a little busier than I'd like the past couple of weeks, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  :-)

I did want to stop in and share this awesome pillow tutorial that our friend Tessa at The Sewing Chick posted with one of our Winter's Lane bundles.

First, you really can't go wrong with the Winter's Lane collection.  It's pretty much gorgeous.  We do have some yardage and bundles left, but they probably won't last too much longer!  (And its on sale!) 

The pillow Tessa made uses appliqued letters and some simple patchwork.

Go check out her post here and say hello.

Happy Sewing!  :-)


  1. Thanks for sharing my pillow. This is my favorite winter fabric ever!

  2. What a great pillow and tutorial! Just love it and the fabric too!


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