Thursday, April 24, 2014

Weekender Sew Along

Hey everyone!

I am really excited to announce a new sew along that kicks off next week.  My friend Christen at Love by Hand has organized a Weekender Sew Along with Nicole at Modern Handcraft and myself!

I made my very first Weekender bag earlier this year and I love it!  I decided to piece all my pockets and then quilt them before assembling my bag and I plan to make my next one in a similar fashion and would love it if you'd join us.

I know this bag can be a little intimidating, so we're splitting up the process over several weeks and sharing how we are making all the parts and any modifications that we incorporate as we sew this bag together. With a little patience and some denim needles you can totally do it too!  Will you join us?

Here's our schedule of events: 

Wed. April 30 - Planning - Fabrics & Materials
Wed. May 7 - Cutting, Interfacing, Making the Panels
Wed. May 14 - Sewing the Outer Bag Together
Wed. May 21 - Finishing the Bag & Link Up
Wed. May 28 - Winners Announced

And with any Sew Along, of course there will be prizes!  We are excited to be sponsoring along with some other great companies - which will be formally announced next week. :)

If you need the pattern, you can snag one here (and at 15% off now through 4/30/14)!

Off to plan my new bag ....

Happy Sewing!  :-)


  1. I am looking forward to giving this bag a try. Do you carry a mid-weight home dec fabric?

  2. I love your "pieced" pocket Amy Butler bag! I don't do Instragram, so will you be posting the steps on this blog? I just ordered the pattern, and I have heard it is a bit tricky to put together. I would love your assistance in making one similar to yours. Thanks so much! Nettie

  3. I hope I can join in! What fun and that "gentle nudge" I need to get started and make mine! I LOVE your first Weekender bag!! It is stunning!

  4. Awesome! I started this a while ago, only got to cutting the fabric though!
    I can't wait to sew along, I absolutely love this bag!

  5. So I am going to cut out my pieces, the large pocket, main panel, an end pocket panels, sandwich between batting and a back fabric, quilt...correct? Do I need to add to the size for quilting?


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