Monday, July 28, 2014

Bliss Sew Together Bag

Hey y'all!

Recently, I shared a special Sew Together Bag I made for my friend Sarah.  (You can see the post here.)

I finished my third bag several days ago and have a few more in the works.  It's a problem.

I think one of the things I like about making them is all the combinations that are possible to make each one unique and different.  The zippers, the pockets, the lining, the exterior ... making the exterior is kind of like making a small mini quilt and I've had a blast playing around with these!

This particular one I made for my Moda rep, Kim of Summit Quilt Retreat.  A bunch of my sewing friends recently went to her Ponderosa retreat (which is AWESOME, just sayin' - read more about it from my first trip last year) and while there I told her I'd make her a bag.

She pulled out a bunch of untouched Bliss fat quarters and I am sure my jaw dropped.  I didn't turn her down either when she said I could keep the scraps!

Kim loves red, so all the pockets have a different red print on the inside.

I heard she loved it.  (Have I mentioned that I really love making these?!)

That's all for now ... happy sewing!  :-)

Project Details: 
Fabric & Thread: Bliss by Bonnie & Camille (out of print), Crossweave Natural, Aurifil 50wt
Pattern: Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented


  1. You do such a nice job on these! I love this in Bliss!!!

  2. Ooohhhh! I'm just going to have to quit drooling over these and make one for myself! Love those fabrics. :)

  3. Ok these bags are lovely and since you LOVE making them so much I'll take one....any combo of fabrics will be fine! :o)

  4. This bag looks beautiful and Bliss is my favourite collection. I just started making my first bag and it's fun...Congrats on Sewvivior 💐. Have fun...

  5. Sew Gorgeous! How pretty and useful!!


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