Monday, December 29, 2014

Mini Sew Together Bags

When I look back at 2014, I think I'll call it the year of the Sew Together Bag.

This year, I've made several of these great bags ... actually more like 13 (with several more in various stages of completeness!).  It's a little embarrassing when you no longer need the pattern - even for cutting!  haha

Recently, I saw a post on Instagram about a mini version.  Well, we all know that smaller = cuter.  Right?!  So, I made my way over to Occasional Piece's website to learn more.  Basically, once you have the original pattern (available here) by Sew Demented, you can download the worksheet by Elizabeth at Occasional Piece to calculate the measurements for the smaller bag.

What's different?  Well, not a whole lot ... the bag goes together the same, but there are two zippered pockets instead of three and its about 2/3-ish scale in terms of bag width.

I like to make my Sew Together Bags in batches and assembly line them.  Of course, I decided to make four minis the week of Christmas.  You know, just because.

I cut everything and then sewed everything.  Since I use several feet on my machine while making the bag, this just works easier for me.

I quilted each one a little differently.  And due to the time crunch, I kept it simple by not piecing the exterior as I usually do.

I am happy to report that they were well received at Christmas.  My next batch is planned for this week while I am off from work!

Have you made one yet?  If not, don't be scared!  Email me or tag me on IG if you need help.  :)

Happy Sewing!  :-)


  1. I have the pattern but haven't made any yet because so many folks mentioned how hard they are ...and broken sewing needles...
    So, knowing you've made so many, so successfully, may just give me the courage I need to try!

  2. These are awesome -- I can't wait to give it a try. I am wondering if reversing the math would work to enlarge the bag -- I got a lot of stuff. It was super great to finally meet you in person yesterday.


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