Saturday, March 7, 2015

Smitten Quilt Along : Large Block Two

Hey everyone!  I hope you are ready for more y-seams!  :-)  The Large Block Two comes together similar to last month's.  But with a few less pieces, its pretty fast ... especially since you've got the y-seam down now, right?! ;-) 

For more details on the Smitten Quilt Along, visit this post here for dates and supplies, etc.  If you haven't purchased templates, go ahead and make your's using the pattern and template plastic or other material of your choice.  (Be sure to add the seam allowance if making your own templates.)

Note:  I glue baste my pieces.  I didn't take pictures of this for this month, as I shared them in the post about last month's blocks

Don't forget to mark your pieces!  It's all about connecting the dots!  Mark the wrong side of your fabric pieces with dots where the 1/4" seams would meet.  (The acrylic templates have holes, making this super easy!) Alternatively, you could use your ruler and pen to draw lines along the seam allowances to mark your start and stop points.

We'll use these dots as our start and stop points for sewing. Sew a 1/4" seam and always backstitch to secure, but don't sew past the dots, unless we are sewing to the edge.  (You'd sew to the edge when the seam is not part of a Y-seam intersection... this will hopefully make more sense in pictures below.)

Start by sewing the triangles to six hexagons.  Go ahead and chain piece these - these seams are not part of a Y-seam, so they can be sewn from edge to edge. 

Press toward the triangles once sewn. 

Next, we'll join together the hexagon-triangle units into two sets of three units.  You'll sew dot-to-dot to join these units. 

Then its time to add a diamond in each exterior opening, which complete the overall hexagon shape of the finished block. You'll be sewing from the inside dot (at the Y-seam) all the way to the exterior edge.  

Add in a diamond on the opposite side to finish the half unit.  Repeat with the other trio of hexagon-triangle units.

Join each half to the center hexagon just like we did with Large Block One.  We're sewing dot to dot to join to the center hexagon.

You'll join the sides of the two halves (again - just like last month with Large Block One), sewing dot to dot. Then sew in the remaining two side diamonds just as you did before - sewing from the inner dot to the exterior edge. 

I pressed all my seams in the same direction - refer to the photo below. 

And that's it!  You're done!  Yippee!

Now plan and sew four more ... you need 5 completed Large Block Twos.

I hope these photos were helpful to you...  I can't wait to make a few more myself and to see your's too! Don't forget to use #smittenquilt and #smittenquiltqal on Instagram. :-)

If you have questions, leave a comment, email me or tag me on IG!

Happy Sewing!  :)

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  1. YAY, loving your instructions, gives me courage. LOL Thank you!!


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