Monday, May 25, 2015

Thimble Blossoms Scrappy Sampler QAL : Lollies

Hey everyone!

It's Monday and we're getting started on our Thimble Blossoms Scrappy Sampler quilt this week. :-) I am so excited about this quilt and about all the enthusiasm so many of you all have shared as well!  I hope you don't mind that the final layout is a bit of a surprise ... I think its fun that way.

Anywho ... this week is really pretty easy.  We're making five Lollies blocks.  The pattern for this quilt is here if you need one.

I am using the kit from our shop.  So I spent a little time using the kit's planning guide to decide what fabrics to use where.  I decided on these for the Lollies and got to cutting per the guide and the pattern.

The Lollies come together really easily.  Follow the pattern to build the nine patches with the star center.

Then add your borders to the two sides.  The only change here from the pattern is to add the second border piece (10.5" long one) to just FOUR of the five blocks.  We'll be centering our row of lollies later on, so the one on the end will get a slightly wider strip on the one side when we assemble the quilt top. I forgot to omit the one side strip on my 5th block. .. I was on a roll and distracted by my sew day friends yesterday while we were dancing around to some 90's hip hop! ... but luckily it's a short seam to rip out. ;-)

If you are on Instagram, show me your Lollies and tag them #TBScrappySamplerQAL !

P.S.  If you ordered a kit, we are in the process of shipping them!  We had a run on the Essential Dots after the initial post about the QAL and our new bolts arrive on Wednesday.  So if that was your background preference, we'll get that out just as the UPS truck visits us!  Thanks for your patience. :)

See you next Monday for our Piccadilly Circus block!

Happy Sewing! :-)


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  2. Thank you for all you've done to help us out with this Quilt Along!!!!


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