Friday, September 18, 2015

Thimble Blossoms Sampler Week 1 - Clover Blocks

Hey everyone!  I am really excited that it is Friday because we are kicking off the first week of sewing in the Thimble Blossoms Sampler Round 2!  

I want to start this week by sharing that you should plan ahead with your cutting if you are using our kit or a layer cake for the bulk of your blocks. 

(sorry for a couple of crappy phone pics here!) 

I used the cutting guide (available here) that we included with our kits to plan out where I would use each fabric.  There is some flexibility, even with using a layer cake, but you do have to plan ahead a little to get all the cuts and distribute the colors throughout the quilt.  You can see below how I mapped things out a little before starting.  Be sure to read all of it and feel free to let me know if you have questions. :-)

Ok .. now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about this week's sewing!  We'll be using the Summerville pattern for the next four weeks.  You can download the pattern from Camille here.

We're making what I will call "clovers" this week, which are made up of four of the border blocks, just arranging them a little differently to make a four leaf clover or chunky X block.  These are quick and simple to sew together - perfect for our first week! :)

One of the reasons we are making these first is that we need to cut these squares out early from the layer cake (refer to cutting guide) so we'll have pieces big enough.  You'll see as we sew along that the leftovers of these layer cake squares will appear all of the place in my quilt top as well.

I did choose to make each of these in a different color, but you can do them however you want!  It's totally up to you!

I found it helpful to pin those intersections where the white background corner pieces met to try and make sure things lined up nice as I sewed the four units together.

Hello Darling is such a fun and pretty collection!  I am really excited for how this quilt will turn out!

Are you sewing with me?  Share a link or tag me on Instagram (@sewlux) and use #TBScrappySamplerQAL

Have a great weekend and I will see you next Friday with the next set of blocks!

Happy Sewing! :-)

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  1. Love that pattern. Was just wondering how the Barbell pattern is coming along?


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