Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mini Mania Quilt Along

We're welcoming a new year with a new quilt along!

Back in October, we spotted this great little book of mini quilts by Abbey Lane Quilts.  And I loved them all on their booth wall and thought it would be fun to sew them up this year. 

For a little added fun, I asked Jennie over at Clover & Violet if she wanted to sew along with me and I was thrilled that she agreed!  So, here are the details ... 

The Mini Mania book has a total of eight mini quilts ranging in size from 12 x 16 to 21 x 21 inches. Many of them use templates, but they are nicely explained in the book.  We'll sew them in the order presented in the book - and they increase in difficulty and have different techniques.  So you'll learn some applique as well as curved piecing by the end.  

Jennie and I will each curate a kit for the minis, so there will be two options to choose from each month.  But, of course, this is also a great stash / scrap project!  And we welcome you to sew along from your stash (or with a kit).  Either way, you'll need a book for the pattern (sold separately from our kits). 

Kits will be available on the 10th of the month, from January through August 2016.  And Jennie and I will both share our finished minis on the 20th of the month along with how we decided to quilt them and any tips for piecing we think you'd want to know. 

The kits for the first mini quilt, Hot Potato, are now available

We hope you'll sew along with us!  Share your minis on Instagram with #minimaniaqal

Happy sewing! :-)

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  1. Sadly our current exchange rate makes it cost prohibitive, but I look forward to seeing what everyone else does!


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