Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I've Got a Crush ...

Hello all!  Yesterday I hinted that I'd be sharing some Innocent Crush inspiration and I am keeping that promise!

There seems to be quite a few hexagons floating around on blogs and such and I've been thinking about coming up with a pattern that is basically a large hexagon with some borders.  This is still in the works so to speak, but here's the start to my wall hanging/table runner ...
The big and bold Loves Me Loves Me Not Golden print is perfect for a large 6" hexagon.  What do you think?   I hope to get this project finished up this week ... If you'd like to see a tutorial for the project, let us know in the comments and I will work one up for you!

Have you made a project with any of the Innocent Crush fabrics?  We'd love to see them ... link your project in the comments or send us an email so we can feature your project here on the blog! 

Also ... we've just put our Innocent Crush prints and custom bundles on sale ... grab some to add to your stash! :)

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  1. I love this! I have seen a few hexagons as well, but this one is fantastic! I like the center surrounded by the lighter fabric - framing it. It really sets off the hexagon {you don't lose the shape} and highlights the background fabric. LOVELY! I would love to see a tutorial...thanks:)

  2. OH YES!!! Tute please!! I have not used the Innocent Crush but I have a fabric that would work perfect for that so a tute would be much appreciated!!

  3. Looks fabulous! I'd love a tutorial too. Can't wait to see it finished up.


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