Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pinwheel Stitch Along - Update

Good morning!  I'll start you off with a story this morning ...

In my "day job," I am a high school teacher and occasionally when I pass handouts down a row, I accidentally short them a sheet so the last kid pipes up and asks for another. I usually answer them with a joke, "so you're saying it's a good thing I'm not a math teacher, right?" and they (usually) laugh with me. :-)

Well, this morning I realized that I am definitely NOT a math teacher!  I made an ERROR in my initial directions and I hope it doesn't mess you up too much ... as you should still have enough fabric. But ... when I told you the number of squares you'd need, I was thinking about the number of blocks we'd have (12 total), NOT that each block comes from two squares.  So ... you'll actually need the following:
  • Charm Pack Version: 24 5" squares
  • FQ Version: 24 8" squares (4 from each of 6 prints)
  • Layer Cake Version: 24 10" squares
I sincerely apologize for this mistake and will be ultra paranoid about the rest of my directions for you (which stitching starts tomorrow!).  I hope that you'll still be able to squeeze out enough of what you'll need for the stitch along and that you'll still join me tomorrow.

Have a lovely day!  And I'll see you tomorrow (I hope)! :-)


  1. Glad I did not start cutting yet. I hope to have everything cut today or tomorrow so I can start the sewing this week.!

  2. Oh baby! You should see how crazy I get measuring and re-measuring and fretting and more-fretting when it comes to figuring out the math of quilting!!! :-) You're fine! No harm done, it's just fabric!!! {{hugs}}


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