Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend Recap ...

Hi everyone!  I took some pictures of some of our new prints to add some custom bundles to the shop.  I really wanted to get these posted to the shop sooner, but this weekend turned out a little crazier than anticipated ...

Saturday, they called for some bad weather and you may have heard about the tornados that came through NC that afternoon.  One came within a quarter mile of my house!  Fortunately, we are safe and sound and the only real damage to our property was our grill was flipped over and in the neighbor's yard.  We did have a few trees down and siding off a whole row of houses ... just down the street.  We just got power back this evening!  I did work on cleaning up my studio today since I couldn't get a machine going, but I will be back in the sewing saddle again tomorrow!  I've even practiced hand quilting with Perle cotton and started a small cross-stitch project in our weekend of powerlessness!

So, we're grateful tonight for being safe and sound (and now with electricity again!) and for our family and friends for letting us come over to hang out and catch up with the world. :)

Here's a great City Weekend bundle...
Here's a great Spirit bundle ...

See you tomorrow ... until then, happy sewing! :)


  1. Really glad you are safe and well, have been watching he news and seeing the damage that has been done. Hugs

  2. So glad that you and yours are safe and sound. Go you - handstitching when there's no electricity! :)


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