Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Pink Problem

I have a problem ... I'm willing to admit here for everyone that I collect pink fabric.  A lot of pink fabric.  Refer to Exhibit A:

OMG!  I really should resist the urge to add more pink to my collection!  LOL  :-)

Yesterday, I dd some more overhauling of the sewing room.  I'm not ready to give you the grand tour yet, but I thought I'd share my progress on my fabric "collection".  I went through almost all of my stash and organized it better.  I still need to work on the holiday/seasonal stacks, but this is the majority of my personal "color wall."

The last time I posted about my shelf, someone asked about how I get my fabric to stand up straight. Well, I use these boards and this tutorial (I don't pin mine down and I only wrap stuff that's more than a half yard).  Hope it helps you if you need a system!

Talk at y'all soon ...

Happy Sewing :-)


  1. Wow pretty pretty wall. It looks great! I personally have a blue problem and didn't even really think I liked blue until I sorted all my fabric.

  2. Hehe, looking at your stash makes me think I need some more pink fabric... Can't wait to see your room redo!

  3. I didn't realize it until I organized by own stash but I have a blue problem! Isn't it nice to see all your fabric and know exactly what colors you "need"? ;)

    Jennifer :)
    aka That Girl


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