Saturday, February 4, 2012

Decorating Your Space

This guest post is part of the Get Organized Series!

Hi there! I'm Jennie and I blog over at Clover & Violet about embroidery, quilting, sewing, and my kids {and you can visit mine and my mom's little pattern shop here!}.  When Chrissy invited me to the Get Organized Series, I was thrilled because I love to organize.  There is just something great about sorting, putting things in a purposeful place, and being able to find what I'm looking for.  Here is what my sewing room usually looks like:

However, with a few minutes and a little running around, I can have it all cleaned up, because I've worked hard to keep it organized.  My sewing space looks like this:

Since my sewing space is part of our open family room {along with the office and toys!}, I try to keep it looking as cute as possible too.  For starters, here's how I organize my cutting area:

I love keeping pens, scissors, and other tools in little metal baskets {bought for ~$1 each!}.  And never underestmate storing things under tables either.  My sewing table also houses quite a few things, as I am in need of space:

Since most notions start hanging on a wall at the quilt shop, it is easy to just place them on the bulletin board when you're at home, then you'll never be buying something you already have {I have a magnetic snap, some boning, and embroidery threads along with my stuff!}.  I also keep my most used machine accessories in a little box by the machine, so they're always at hand, even if there is fabric on the machine.  Now for my fabric storage:

Instead of bookends, I have my travel {Hello Kitty} sewing machine and a vase full of thread.  I also keep odd buttons and safety pins in those tiny glass jars {don't know if you can see them}.  In addition, I store my perle cotton threads in little plastic drawers.  I use embroidery hoops in a variety of colors as wall art too!

So, there you have it, my little space, it is quite cozy!  Thanks Chrissy for inviting me and I hope I've given you some ideas to use those supplies as decorating too!


  1. Looks wonderful, I love your room full of sewing supplies and color.

  2. It looks adorable! I'm like that too...I make up a mess then have to get it fixed quickly. =) Thanks for sharing today! =)

  3. ooooh to be this organized, just doesn't seem to happen in my world!

  4. The string line is a great way to display your mini quilts and to get them hung up without having to nail a bunch of holes in the wall. I love how colorful everything is!


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