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Bookmarks ~ Blogger Challenge Tutorial

I'm so excited to be here today!  For those who don't know me, my name is Jennifer and I blog over at That Girl... That Quilt.  If you want to learn a little more about me, I answered some fun interview questions that you can read here.

For my Blogger's Challenge fat quarter pack, I chose a selection of California Girl prints by Fig Tree Quilts.  I'm a Texas girl but I'm married to a California boy and I love the colors of this line.  So when I got to pick 6 fat quarters to work with, I instantly knew California Girl it.  To me, these colors feel like summer!

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is read which dates back to my school days.  I was that kid who loved getting the summer reading list.  When I was thinking about this project I also had teacher appreciation week on the brain.  It's right around the corner and always seems to sneak up on me!  I typically make something handmade for my daughter's teacher and bookmarks is what kept coming to mind.

From six fat quarters I made a runner that measures 18" x 50" {after washing}.  It's a long runner that would fit perfect on top of a short bookshelf, a long table, the teacher's desk, etc...


- 6 fat quarters of California Girl.  You can find the bundle here...
- rotary cutter
- ruler
- self-healing mat
- coordinating thread
- batting
- backing
- and all the other usual notions...


- seam allowance throughout the project is a scant 1/4"
- RST = right sides together

Let's get started!

From each fat quarter cut 6 strips that measure 3" x  22"

From each set of 6 strips cut 10 4.5" x 3" rectangles & 20 3" x 3" squares

You will also need to cut an additional 4 4.5" x 3 rectangles & 8 3" squares to get a total of 64 bookmark units.  I just picked my favorite two prints to make these 4 extras... :)

Take 10 4.5" x 3" rectangles and pair them with the matching 10 3" squares.  For good contrast, take 10 opposing light or dark 3" squares as shown above.

Take your 3" squares that match your rectangles and cut diagonally from corner to corner of the squares.  You will end up with 20 triangles.

Take your other 3" squares and lay one triangle RST as shown.  This does not have to be exact; I wanted each "bookmark" to look unique.  Stitch the triangle on to the square.

Fold the triangle open to make sure that it covers the corner of the square.  Do the same when you stitch your second triangle.  Once you get the hang of the stitching the triangles, you won't need to do this... just the first few times.

Once you have stitched the first triangle down, trim the excess fabric as shown above.

Press your first triangle open.

Take your second triangle and lay it across the square and overlapping the first triangle and stitch.  Again, trim the excess fabric and then press this triangle open as well.

Square your block up to 3" again by trimming the excess triangle edges.

Take your matching rectangle and stitch as shown.  You now have your first bookmark!

I found it much faster to sew all the triangles to the squares, square up and then chain piece the bookmarks.

Repeat these same steps for your other fabric parings.  Just remember to keep your contrast good by using lights and darks together for the squares/triangles!

Once you have your bookmarks pieced you will lay them out as shown above. 

8 bookmarks across x 8 bookmarks down.

I placed my units {same color} end to end to create a longer bookmark.  I then alternated my rows coral... blue... coral... etc...

Stitch your rows together lengthwise and then together to complete the top of your runner.

Baste, quilt, and bind as desired.  I used a simple stippling quilting pattern and then bound my runner using binding made from a vintage sheet. 

I chose to round my corners to balance the points and lines of the runner.  If you have never bound a quilt with rounded corners, I have a tutorial here that will walk you through it.

Thanks for having me today!  If you have any questions you are welcome to comment on this post or email me directly from my blog.  And again, you can purchase this bundle directly from Sew Lux Fabric & Gifts!

I hope you will visit me soon over at That Girl... That Quilt!


  1. What a lovely pattern and adorable tutorial! Thanks for sharing it with us Jennifer!

  2. Thank you Jennifer and host Sew Lux. Love this summer pattern! I do have lots of fat quarters, but your choices are particularly perfect!

  3. Very pretty! I love those fabrics!!!

  4. Very pretty! I love the idea of the bookmark blocks.


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