Monday, July 2, 2012

Catching Up & Weekend Sewing

Hey friends!  How about that awesome tutorial Amy did for her Design Challenge?  I have several friends who've recently announced that they are expecting and I am eagerly awaiting to hear whether or not I will be able to use some pink on one of those bobby pillow covers!  :-)  

Did you get any weekend sewing done?  I did get some work done on my Scrap Attack Strings this weekend.  (More on that later this week.)  And, I am a little embarrassed to say that I totally forgot to post a linky for that in June.  So, I will be posting the new linky on Friday and be giving out two prizes this month to make up for that.  Sorry y'all!

I also got started a special pillow project with some super cute Get Together prints that I need to mail off tomorrow.  I had this "pleat party pillow" idea rolling around in my head for a week or two and am happy to report that it is coming out just as planned.  (I can't say that this always happens! :-)  I will show you the completed project in a few days.  Would any of y'all be interested in a tutorial for this one?

Speaking of tutorials, I will be posting over on Rhonda's blog with a quick and easy tutorial on Wednesday.  Just need to finish editing some photos for that.  And on the topic of photos, my mister loaned out our DLSR to a family member for their vacation (gasp!) and man what a difference in my pictures this week!  Can't wait to get that back!  LOL

Anyway, enough rambling for tonight ... hope you all had a wonderful Monday!

Happy Sewing!  :-)


  1. Yes, would love to see a tutorial on the pleat party pillow, I am sure it would even look good in a quilt. I'll also will be lookin out for your Wednesday tutorial.

  2. Love the pleat party pillow!

  3. The pleats look very crisp and fresh! Great job!!!

  4. I haven't sewn at all...well, not on my machine. I'm trying to get some embroidery done. Love your project..can't wait to see it finished.


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