Thursday, August 2, 2012

Modernista Homemade Project

Hey y'all!  So far it has been an exciting week around here ...

Monday morning I finished and mailed off my Modernista Homemade swap package and then got ready for some my of my girlfriends to come over that evening ... while tidying up, I noticed a small lizard in the dining room.  Freak out moment.  Especially since my husband wouldn't be home before my friends came over.  Bigger freak out moment.  My husband's advice to "make a game of it" when everyone got there was not acceptable!  LOL  I tried to swoosh him outside, but he skittered under the couch.  I solved the problem by walking outside and asking the neighborhood elementary boys who were playing basketball next door who wanted to earn $20.  Four of them came running at me.  I explained the lizard needed to go, there should be no blood or guts on the carpet, and that the TV better not get knocked over.  A very entertaining 20 minutes later, the lizard was rescued and returned to the outdoors.

More exciting, though, was getting to see Chicago The Musical last night!  Wow!  What an incredible show.  Christie Brinkley was supposed to star, but was sick so they flew in the lead from NYC.  I am sure Christie is good, but I think we got the better deal on that one.  :-)  If you get a chance to see it, you should.

Anyway, I know y'all probably come here for fabric-based stuff, so here's some quilty stuff for you ...

My Modernista Homemade swap partner has a sewing area in the corner of her bedroom.  She likes big florals and birds and wanted a red and cream theme with accents of gray and blue and she asked for either a machine cover or a sewing organizer.  Needless to say, I felt a little goofy posting my fabric choices in the Flickr pool because (A) I was sure it would give it away and (B) well, most people wouldn't immediately associate "modern" with them.  So several "pretty, but not for me" type of comments later I had a few doubts.

I decided to use my Etchings charm pack and make it happen anyway. I bought some ruler twill tape on Etsy and added it on.

I like balance in my projects and decided to do a big center panel instead of an off-center one in the pattern that I was using.  I'm also still pretty new at the embroidery thing, so that also helped make my decision. :-)

I really love the perle quilting on this.  I am no longer scared of hand quilting since the Tiger Tape really made it pretty much fool-proof!  I found some shell buttons at the big box store and added them after I quilted the line down the sides.  This wasn't a problem, since the machine cover is completely lined when you are done.

I almost skipped the piping, but I think it adds a nice touch ... and I learned some things along the way that I will do differently the next time I use piping but overall I was pleased with it.

Overall, I really love it.  She should get it today and I am hoping she does too.  I might have been checking the tracking and the Flickr group anxiously to see if she's gotten it yet and what she thinks.

I also made a pin cushion and trash bucket caddy thing using this tutorial from Elizabeth Hartman - its called the "Weighted Pincushion Organizer." And its really easy to make.

I used some scraps from the cover project and I think it turned out pretty well.  The little bucket is removable as well.  I just thought a matching set would be nice.  :-)

I added a few other things and sent off this package. :-)

I haven't gotten anything from my secret swapper yet, but will update here when I do.

Happy Sewing!  :-)


  1. Oh, they're beautiful! Do you ever want to keep what you make? Sometimes you work so hard and it looks so nice, it's hard to ship it least for me. =)

  2. Oh the whole package is SO lovely! Your partner will be so delighted to receive this! One lucky girl!!!

  3. Your gift package is wonderful...gorgeous and so well done. One lucky lady to be your swap partner. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I received this in the mail today and am just completely delighted that it's mine! I had my suspicions that it was and am really glad it is! The colors are beautiful and the hand quilting is just amazing! It really is one of the nicest things I've ever received! I made the same weighted pin cushion for my sister about a month ago and have been thinking I needed one ever since, so mine will get a lot of use! My sewing machine looks so pretty now that she's all dressed up too! This just instantly made my sewing corner so much prettier and happier! Thank you, I absolutely love it!

  5. The cover is absolutely wonderful. I need to make one for my little girl. She gets all dusty and cranky and has been asking for a cover up for over a year. I may have to steal your idea. That looks just the right size for "Nina". Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  6. That is gorgeous!!!!If she doesn't love it, send it to me!

  7. Just lovely! I think the piping is the perfect touch to set it off. Lovely swap gift!


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