Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Twisted Flowers

Hi y'all!  Happy Wednesday!  I am so in denial about tomorrow being the last day of this teacher's summer break.  :-/  "Back to the real world..."

Anyway, since we are challenging you to add texture for our current Stitch & Share Challenge, I thought I'd show you another recent project I made that incorporated texture.

For this pillow, I used Vanessa's technique for these messy flowers. I signed up for the Craftsy class, but I think they are also in her book. There are lots of similar tutorials online, but you're sewing as you go instead of hot gluing them down.

I will be honest and tell you that my original intention was to flower the whole thing ... but I was running out of fabric and more importantly out of time.  (Notice the pins at the bottom of the pillow... I hand stitched it closed on the way to the housewarming party!  Anyone else do that!?)

While taking these photos, I realized red is a pain to photograph well.  But I think you get the idea.  The whole thing was made with Bella Country Red.  I hand stitching some pearl beads to the centers and I think that really ups the ante on this from pretty to even prettier.

A few days after gifting it, my friend shared that it was already being enjoyed. :-)

So, ready to add some texture to something yet?  I have a few more ideas to show you before the end of the challenge.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Happy Sewing!  :-)


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