Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, y'all!  I sure am whipped after a long day of freshmen orientation at work yesterday ... but I am really here to tell you about a new work-in-progress WIP I have going on this week. :-)

Now that I am free to "sew whatever I want" with the FSU quilt done, I got to work on some fun things I've had waiting in the wings for way to long ... including a Anne bag from Clover & Violet.

I wanted to use a bigger print for the body of the bag and decided to go with a large bouquet print from the Flora line.  This fabric is just so pretty.  :-)  Since I didn't have pieces to guide my quilting, I grabbed a ruler and a FriXion pen and marked a grid on the fabric.

For the top band, I used a coordinating Flora print and made some ruffles by pulling the threads.
I had actually bought a ruffler foot some time ago when a store was closing.  I pulled it out for this project and was disappointed to realize that the shank on the foot doesn't fit my machine.  :-(  But ruffling by hand wasn't that bad.

Here's the shell of the bag all ready for the lining to be added.  I think its looking really good so far and the pattern is really easy to follow.  :-)

Hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

Happy Sewing!  :-)

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