Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hey there, y'all!  Sadly, despite the long weekend I didn't get much sewing time in.  I did see the new Bond in IMAX (which was excellent).  I had a few opportunities to sew, but wasn't inspired and didn't get a lot accomplished.  :-/  I had big plans and ideas and then just couldn't get myself in gear ... Does that ever happen to you?  (Maybe its the fact that my sewing room is a disaster zone?! LOL)

But despite all that, I've still got a few things to share ... probably more like random thoughts.  :-) 

I am really excited to be going to Sew South!  I always thought it would be fun to get to the Sewing Summit but its kind of far.  So when I heard that Jennifer was hosting Sew South in Charlotte (about 2 hours away), I knew I had to jump in!  Are you going?

Did you see that the Sew Seasonal Christmas Paper Piecing Blog Hop just wrapped up?  Some cute holiday projects for those of you hoarding those special scraps!  Also, there's a coupon code that Kristy shared for our shop for 10% off all Christmas fabric - ends 11/18.  You can find it near the bottom of her Blog Hop info post.

Kristy has some cute patterns in her Craftsy store ... I love the little song bird.  I know someone who would love one for Christmas.  (Hope you're not reading this, Mom!)

Speaking of Christmas ... what's on your list of gifts to make?  I bought a few pixel people cross stitch patterns from Wee Little Stitches to make for a few gifts.  I am thinking that will be a great traveling project next weekend.  :-)

And can I just say that I am so glad we're having a Guest Curator Contest?!  I haven't finished exploring all your blogs and commenting, but I am loving what I am seeing so far and enjoying the chance to visit some new blogs.  Y'all are some talented people!  :-) 

Well that's about all the scattered thoughts I will subject you to tonight.  Hope you are having a wonderful week!  

Happy Sewing!  :-) 


  1. Have fun at Sew South! I really wish I could come to retreat, but I'll just have to live vicariously through your photos. ;)

    I have weekends and days where I totally need to switch gears. Sometimes I'm in my sewing room for hours and sometimes I just need time to let my ideas sit.

  2. Enjoy the sewing retreat - how fun!!

    I think I've lost my sewjo at the moment too - hoping it comes back soon, so much to do, so little motivation!

    Thanks for the link to the blog hop and my Craftsy shop - and more importantly for being a sponsor for the blog hop - it's been great fun!


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