Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Sewing

Happy Sunday, y'all!

I am happy to report that I had a much more productive sewing experience this weekend after being in a bit of a slump last weekend.  Thank goodness too since its time to kick it into high gear for the holidays! :-)

I finished some bee blocks (embarrassingly late) but I like how they turned out.

Emily said she likes text prints so I used the Mama Said Sew Sewing Guide print in place of white for the stars.

I love that she requested bright, happy colors.  My Simply Color charm pack and Good Morning Honeycomb bundle came in handy, too.  :-)

I love this bitty star.  Cute!

I also finished up the quilting on a Tifton Tiles quilt that a friend made.  You can find the tutorial for this easy quilt pattern here.  It's easy and fast ... I whipped up the original just in time for Christmas last year.

I am very excited to introduce our newest Design Challenge blogger tomorrow and her project on Tuesday ... you won't want to miss it!

And speaking of things not to miss ... don't forget to enter the Guest Curator contest and let us know what you think we should carry in the shop in 2013!

Happy Sewing! :-)


  1. Love the text star too. I am glad you are out of your slump.

  2. Loving the text stars! They look fantastic!

  3. Oh wow Chrissy, I love your blocks. Thank you :-)

  4. Texty stars! I love these. :) That little star is so perfectly made too. Tiny, tiny sewing. :)


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