Monday, June 8, 2015

Thimble Blossoms Scrappy Sampler QAL : Vintage Tulips Part One

Happy Monday! 

This week we are moving ahead on our Thimble Blossoms Scrappy Sampler quilt. :-)

UPDATE:   I made a planning sheet to help you with your background fabric cutting.  You can access it here.  (I will also link this on the main QAL page.) 

Two weeks ago, we made five Lollies blocks. Find the post about those here.  And last week, we made our Piccadilly Circus block - see the details here.

This week, we're working on our Vintage Tulip blocks.  The pattern for this quilt is here if you need one.  We're going to make THREE tulip blocks following the pattern directions.  There are no changes this week to the pattern.  (Next, we will make the alternate blocks from this pattern with a small change.)

I made my tulips all from red prints.  If you use any directional prints, pay careful attention to how prints are oriented. 

One tip I would share is to also pay careful attention to the direction your diagonal lines when you are creating the angles on your leaves.  If you make them wrong and don't catch it right away you'll have to start over.  (Ask me how I know... ;-)  Just follow the diagrams in the pattern closely.

I love these big blocks!  I definitely want to make a whole quilt of tulips. :)

If you are on Instagram, show me your Tulip blocks and tag them #TBScrappySamplerQAL !

See you next Monday for our next installment!

Happy Sewing! :-)

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