Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tutorial : Hugs & Kisses Mini Quilt

Hello!  I am so thrilled to share my latest mini quilt tutorial with you.  I was so excited as this was coming together - I think it turned out super cute! 

Materials Needed: 
1 Mini Charm Pack 
1 FQ low volume print for background
1 FQ print for backing
1 1/4 yard (9' X WOF) for binding
Batting - approx 18 x 24 inches
Basic sewing supplies (machine, thread, rotary cutter, ruler, etc)

Sort the Mini Charms: 
Select and stack the following: 
- X Block: 8 reds
- O Block: 8 pinks + 1 white/low volume
- Charm Border: remaining squares + one 2.5" square from background fabric

Cut the Following: 
From the Background Fabric (light grey & white print):
- ONE 2.5" x 21/22" strip - subcut into FOUR 2" squares and FIVE 2.5" squares
- TWO 1.5" x 21/22" strips (for border #1)
- FOUR 2" x 21/22" strips (for border #2)
* Be sure you are cutting strips so that you can getting the longest strips possible (perpendicular to the selvage edge, not parallel to the selvage edge) - this should yield a 21" or 22" long strip depending on the cut of your fat quarter.

From the Binding Fabric: 
- TWO 2.5" x WOF strips

Use a 1/4" seam throughout unless noted.

Make the "O" block. 
Grab your selected 8 pinks + 1 low volume/white square.  Arrange into a 9-patch.  Keep in mind some prints are directional. 
Sew the squares together in a 9-patch.  To do this, sew three rows of three squares.  Press each row in opposite directions and then sew the rows together. 

Place the FOUR 2" squares of background fabric on the 9-patch right sides together as shown - one in each corner.  Sew along the diagonal from corner to corner as shown in the photo.

Next, trim the outer corners off, leaving a 1/4 inch allowance from the seam.  Press background triangles open away from the center of the block.

Make the "X" block. 
Grab your selected 8 red squares.  Sew them into FOUR 2-patches, keeping directional prints as shown (they should be 1 column of 2 blocks as opposed to 1 row of 2 blocks).  IMPORTANT:  Use a SCANT seam when sewing these units.  A scant seam means to sew just shy of a 1/4" seam.  Press seams open. 

Grab the FOUR 2.5" background squares and cut them in half diagonally.

Position the triangles on each unit so that the point matches up to the center seam.  This is very important when we go to trim these blocks later!

Sew 1/4" seam along each side to secure one half of the 2.5" square on both sides of the red 2-patch units.

Press the triangles out and then trim your block to 3.5" square.

IMPORTANT:  These blocks are a tight squeeze.  You'll notice that the two red corners are lopped off.  By using the scant seam to make the red unit and pressing open, you should still have enough room to secure these blocks in your 1/4 seams when we join the four 3.5" squares.  
Under normal circumstances, I would not suggest you sew with short seam allowances.  However, since this is a mini and not likely to be heavily used like a kiddo quilt requiring lots of laundering, I feel its ok.  With that said, use your ruler to see where the 1/4" seam allowances would cross in the corner to be sure your trimming will still allow you some seam allowance.
You may wish to make a test block with scraps - I did!  :-)  If you do, use scraps - we will use every square in the mini charm pack for this project.

Repeat the trimming process until you have four 3.5" squares. Arrange them as shown.  And sew them together in a 4-patch unit.

Assemble the Mini:
Sew the X block and the O block together.  Careful of directional prints! 

Next, use the 1.5" background strips to add borders.  Sew the top and bottom first and then use the excess part of the background strip to add the border on to the sides. 

Arrange the remaining mini charm squares (plus the one extra 2.5" background square) around the mini's center.  You will need 7 each for the top and bottom, 4 each for the right and left sides and then 1 for each of the four corners. (I used the two matching grey chevrons and background print squares for my corners.)

Sew the top and bottom row squares together - two strips of seven squares.  Press each in one direction (doesn't matter which way).  And attach to the top and bottom of the mini center.  Press towards the background border. 

Then sew the sides strips together (four + two corners) for two strips of six squares. Press strips in one direction, but press the seam at the corner block TOWARD the corner square.  (This way they will nest with the top and bottom borders when you attach the sides.)  

Sew the side strips on and press away from the center.

Add the final border be sewing the 2" background strips to the top and bottom first.  And then to the sides.
Press away from the center.

Finish the Mini
Press the top well and layer the quilt top and batting on the backing.  (This is a tight squeeze on the FQ, but can be done.  Add a strip of remaining background fabric if you'd like a little more wiggle room.) 

Quilt as desired.  I used some small stipples, infinities, hearts, and some straight line quilting.  This is a great time to play around with free motion quilting designs.

Sew the two 2.5" binding strips together at the short ends to make one continuous piece. Attach to the front and finish by hand or machine on the back.
(More details on binding can be found in this tutorial here.)

You can see my quilting a little better in this photo: 

Enjoy your super sweet mini! :-)  Finished size is approximately 15.5" x 21.5". 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  If you have any questions, please leave a comment or email me.  Also, link up your project if you make one - I'd love to see it. :-)

Happy Sewing!  :-)


  1. Soooo adorable! and exactly what I am looking for to make for the grandchildren - Thank You!!

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  3. Oooo! I LOVE! Had something else planned for my "Surrounded by Love" mini charm pack but I think I'll do this instead!

  4. Finally manage to source some fabrics in the UK and have just finished my hugs and kisses mini. Thank you for a great tutorial. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. :-)


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