Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Get Organized: Trims, Scraps, Fabrics and More

This guest post is part of the Get Organized Series!

Hi, my name is Lindsay from The Cottage Home blog and The Cottage Mama Sewing Patterns and Clothing company.  Thanks so much for inviting me over to share a little bit about how I organize my sewing supplies and trims ~ I am so excited to be here! 

I have quite a bit of bias tape and rick rack.  For these two items, I like to keep them all stored nicely in a large galvanized tub that I picked up at my local craft store.  It's wide open so I can find what I'm looking for really easily when I am designing a new piece of children's clothing or sewing a project for the blog.

I keep my scraps organized in two separate bins.  These are mainly just random scraps.  I keep some of my smaller cuts of fabric such as fat quarters in some baskets with the like prints together.

For my nicer trims, I like to keep them on these organizers.  They are really great for being able to see exactly what you have which makes it much easier when designing.

I like to use large mason jars to store all of my shank buttons that will eventually be covered in fabric.  It's an inexpensive way to store them, plus I think it adds a nice, vintage feel to the studio.  I made these jars a little fancier by covering the lids with fabric.  You can view my fabric lid tutorial by clicking here.

Another idea for storing spools of ribbon is to use a pants hanger that you can pick up at pretty much any store.  Just slide your ribbons and trims onto each pant holder and you have an instant hanging organizer.

I like to keep my fabric on these fabric organizers.  Again, I love to be able to see everything I have to work with and I always feel better when everything is nice and organized.  There are several different organizers on the market, but I have these.

Thanks so much for inviting to participate in this wonderful series and I hope you enjoyed this little glance inside my studio.  To view more pictures of my full sewing studio, please visit me at The Cottage Home blog: www.thecottagehome.blogspot.com.  I'd love for you to stop by and say 'hello'.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Wow, if I had a space of my own, I would LOVE to display my fabric like this...it's so pretty! Like eye candy!!! Do you pin your trims or is that tape on them?

  2. I love the ribbon on the hanger idea. I've started using the comic book boards to keep the fabric. The fabric organizers are a great idea too. I love having them on display.

  3. Great way to keep your fabric organized! It's like having your own mini fabric store. :)


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