Monday, January 2, 2012


Hey y'all!  I have to first admit that while attempting to think of a good title to this post I ended up with a Vanilla Ice song in my head.  You know the one, it goes a little somethin' like "ice ice baby" - hehe!  Anyway, mostly because of the part that goes ...

"if there was a problem
yo I'll solve it"

... see, I have a problem.  You might have the same one.  It's called Scrap Attack! 

Do you have a box that looks like this?  Did I mention there's more where that came from?!  Oh, dear. 

Well, I have a solution to this problem.  And I plan to stitch through this box (and the others I didn't photograph!) one block at a time.  A little each week this year.  Know what I'm hinting at yet?!

Yup, a scrapbusting quilt along.  I will post the details this weekend.  But its going to be easy.  And its going to be manageable.  And if your scrap box looks anything like mine, its going to turn out as an awesome scrappy quilt with little bits of memory lane in there.  And I hope you'll join the fun.  :-)

Details coming soon!

Happy Sewing! :-)

p.s.  In case you need a trip down memory lane - Vanilla Ice Lyrics.


  1. Oh dear...that is quite the scrap box! I have a small box, because I tend to give my scraps away if I can help it! =) I will see what you have in mind for the QAL, but I'm not promising to play with my scraps. =)

    Have a great day Chrissy!

  2. My scrap basket is packed full! This looks like a quilt along I need! :)


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